1.1.- Childhood and Development Psychology:
Prenatal and Postnatal Psychological Intervention.
Detection, diagnosis and early care.
Cognitive, emotional and social development in childhood.
Childhood and Family.
Child Psychopathology.
Health and development in childhood.
Pharmacology and development
Diseases of childhood
1.2.- Adolescence Psychology and psychopathology of development:
Emotional Intelligence
Cognitive, emotional and social development in adolescence
Cognitive, emotional and social developments in adulthood
Prevalence, prevention and intervention in adult diseases
Health research
1.3.- Seniors Area and Leisure:
Learning in adults and seniors
Transition and Development throughout life
Adult education
Learning difficulties in adults
Cultural and educational contributions of adults
Quality of adult life
Psychology of aging. Health and the elderly
Geriatric care
Abuse to the greatest
Illness, coping and death
Physical activity and older
Nursing care
Care for caregivers
Stimulation programs
1.4.- Development problems:
Preventive, corrective and optimizing intervention on development disorders
Artistic and Creative Therapies
Neuropsychology and neuropediatry
Obesity and anorexia in childhood
Emotions and stress in childhood, adolescence and adults
School and health:
School pediatrics
Communication and language
School difficulties and health
Eating behavior
Mental health:

2.1.- Psychology of education:
Performance and Coaching
Health, Education and addictions. Violence, harassment, climate and management of school coexistence. Child abuse
Sexting, Sexual behavior and sexual abuse
Advice and advice
Emotional intelligence and social skills
Gender and diversity
Creativity, creative thinking
Family, health and education
Family contexts at risk, family diversity, adoption
Family educational practices
2.2.- Dominant knowledge and original knowledge:
Basic teaching skills, face-to-face teaching, virtual teaching and teaching efficiency
Cooperative learning and E-learning, learning strategies
Intelligence, Self-concept and performance.
Motivation and school failure. Self-efficacy of teachers and students
Motivation and Learning
Education and Development
Training of Teachers and Educational Agents
Family, School and Community
Classroom management
2.3.- Educational professions and social responsibility. Educational intervention and its answers: Attention to diversity and Learning Difficulties:
Learning difficulties and health.
Students with special educational needs
Teaching and instruction in Learning difficulties
Development and family in Learning difficulties
Evaluation and intervention in Learning difficulties
Behavior and social skills
Learning difficulties in Mathematics
Speech and language problems
Reading and Dyslexia. Learning difficulties in writing
High capacities
Early identification
New technologies and Learning difficulties
Social Inclusion and Education in Human Rights
Associated affective-motivational aspects, family and learning difficulties
Students with educational compensation needs
2.4. Communities that educate and complex learning: Family and Education:
Attachment and Education
Conflicts and School Mediation
Psychology of community education
Teaching-learning processes during work
The curriculum by competences. Psychology and job search
Quality of life. Emigration and intercultural education
The meaning in couple relationships
Family structure and Psychology
Marriage and Divorce
Emotion assessment and family therapy
Paternal figures and emotional adjustment of children
Disorders of Personality and family breakdown
Aging and affection in the couple
Women and men
Emotional Health and conjugal happiness
Evaluation and treatment in minors who have suffered intra-family abuse
Exposure to gender violence vs. direct abuse
Teens in conflict
Emotions, family development and family health
Management of intelligence and emotional ability in family conflicts
Gender perspective in the study of emotions: Family aspects
Violence, gender and health. The theme in family
Anxiety throughout life
Trauma and family aggression
Processing of social information and psychopathology in the family
Impulsivity and obsession: prevention, evaluation and family treatment
Stress and quality of family life
Parenting styles and impact on children’s psychic and physical health
Evaluation and treatment of social and family anxiety

Therapeutic approaches that emphasize the positive
The intrinsic motivation
Creativity, humor
Family life and alternative forms
Improve job satisfaction
Psychology and modernity
Confrontation in positive of Social crisis and psychological development
Intervention in a changing world
Values in change and psychological help
Psychological Contract and Social Reality
Social difficulties and resilience

Profile, skills and training of the new professional
Studies compared with other countries and analogous professionals
Professional outings
Vocational Development and Orientation

Technologies and Educational Communication
From Tic (information and communication technologies) to Tac (learning and communication technologies)
Democratization and globalization of learning

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